Peter Macellan - Equity Release and Later life products

Peter Maclennan

I am a home based equity release specialist offering advice and bespoke solutions for all your later life challenges.



Advice offered

Equity Release and later life products including Wills, Power of attorney, Life Insurance and Funeral plans from the ‘whole of the market place’ ensuring I can offer the best plan for you, now and into the future.


Although I do offer home visits the majority of my advice is conducted by telephone, Skype or Zoom, this works very well and allows for a relaxed and less formal customer experience whilst still following Financial Conduct Authority protocol (FCA) ensuring a professional and compliant journey, allowing help and advice regardless of where you reside within the UK at the pace at which you feel most comfortable.

Any recommendations I do make will be posted and or emailed (this allows plans also to be sent to family members who might not live close by but you do want to include them in the process).

I personally handle all applications from our Initial discussion right through to actual completion, being available throughout the process, helping with any queries which may arise, If you call my number it’s me that will answer.

Contact details

Mobile: 07951 911040

Head office: 01564 791116